Killing all the Flies

TV Production

Killing all the Flies poster


LEVIN REID, a 23-year old police cadet witnesses the killing of his girlfriend MARIE. Levin loses not only the love of his life but is even falsely accused of her murder. Helpless in the face of overwhelming evidence, Levin escapes his arrest and is determined to find the true murderer. The results of his girlfriend‘s research as a journalist are the only lead he has. Slowly, Levin begins to understand the magnitude of the events and finds himself facing a conspiracy on a scale no one could have imagined: The corporation has successfully bypassed death through a clever medical trade system. They sell eternal life to wealthy clients at the cost of innocent victims. Yet if there is a possibility for the corporation’s clients to overcome death, there must also be a way to revive his girlfriend Marie back to life. At this point, Levin is ready to take any risk. He declares that he is not going to stop until he has reversed all the corporation‘s death-trades and has brought his love Marie back to life.


Director: Hanna Maria Heidrich
Producers: Alena Jelinek, Judith Schöll
Website: Killing all the Flies
Our Tasks: 15 Shots with Set-Extension, Matte painting, Visual Effects, Compositing

VFX Breakdown KATF

Thanks to our close work with the producers Judith Schoell and Alena Jelinek, we managed feedback loops in very short time.