Great images with lovely animations and detailed visual effects are the energy which drives big ideas into a remarkable journey for the audience. Seamless pipelines with great partners create the base for strong co-productions and efficient ways for communication. As a production company and a service contractor, VFXbox offers best of both worlds.
Our dedicated team closes the gap between production and creative artist. We love to tell great stories and combine inspirational moments into a magical experience. Every shot matters and our passionate commitment is the base ignition of the wildest dreams.
The first impression is as unique as the chance to do it right. Whatever social, technical, medical or financial ideas and products you want to promote, VFXbox provides strategies and technical know-how in the right context to create an aura of attraction and lead generation on your specific targets. With a specialized team that has worked on numerous high-profile commercials, architectural and product visualizations, VFXbox provides the ground to take off.
Creating desires that stick in your mind until you take action. Now, to save your time, just get in touch and let us provide all necessary steps.
Challenging the status quo with every project by enabling clients a precise use of novel technology. VFXbox advises, designs and implements innovative solutions with a strong target orientation. Due to the innovative Character of our Projects, VFXbox was elected by Berlin as one of the most innovative company’s of the city.
By designing own tools and cutting-edge technology, VFXbox creates virtual reality’s, interactive installations and mobile applications with specific audience relation to deepen emotional customer experience.
Be the first in your market and take advantage of our portfolio.